Let’s talk about it.

Yikes! Love it tho!!


Who is up for a bit of controversy? Alright then, let’s talk about sex. Sorry girls I am going to let the cat out of the bag. A thousand apologies, but I for one have had enough and I think I deserve more.

Sex that is. I still love sex, in all it’s forms. And I am angry. White hot, distracting and consuming angry. Men, how often do you complain that you are not getting enough sex? And how often do you blame it on us? News flash, the reason you are not getting laid is because of you.

I will always be a girl. No matter how many years we have been together, how many kids there are, no matter how much your job sucks. I. Am. Still. A. Girl. I reckon you men have been around girls for long enough now to know a thing or two about…

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