Dear Angels

th (8)Something a little different today. Do you believe in angels? I do. For many years I have had conversations with and prayed to angels. Last night there was a random post on my Facebook feed from Dr Joe Vitale, it read:

Jobless angels? Your angels feel unemployed. They just told me you don’t ask for much. They have little to do and lounge around waiting for you to speak your mind. Well? What do you want? They’re listening. (And reading this over your shoulder).”

It reminded me that I have neglected this support system I get so much comfort from. This is a really rough time for me at the moment and I could do with some comfort. When I meditate with or pray to angels, it feels like they are wrapping their wings around me, it is warm and safe and connecting. I don’t feel like I am alone in this world that can oftentimes feel cold and lonely.

Today, I am asking for the angels help. Dear Angels, please help me to remember I am not alone. Help me to remember that I am surrounded by people who love me and care for me, people who believe in me and trust that I will do right by me. Please help me remember I am the person they know me to be. Angels, I especially need your help with tomorrows event. For all the reasons you know and for all the people I love, it is vitally important to me that the events of tomorrow unfold in my favor and this episode of my life can be put behind me forever. Please help me to feel your presence in that room tomorrow. I sent my prayer out to the universe re my desired outcome months ago and am comforted by my faith that the universe has conspired to make that happen.

Angels, please help improve my relationship. The strain of my illness but mostly the stress of this situation is taking its toll. We are both stubborn and sensitive and forgetting to take care of each other. Our ego’s have got in the way of us standing together. Help me to be more accepting and admiring of what he does for me, us and our family. He is the love of my life and it is about time we just got on with that and all that brings to our lives.

Thank you for helping me remember all the things I have to be grateful for. My wonderful man, beautiful home and environment I live in, all those ratbag kids that drive me crazy at times, my beautiful friends, my funny little dog. For all the amazing opportunities I have, my imagination and desire to share that. Thank you for my zaniness, my insight, my willingness to do better, my faith and trust, my ability to forgive. Thank you for you.

With all my love and gratitude

Faith has always been important to me. I talk to God, though we do disagree on a few things lol, I speak with Angels, I believe in Eastern philosophies and I reckon there are fairies at the bottom of my garden. Faith gives me something to focus on, other that myself, when I am feeling afraid, lonely, lost, confused and generally discombobulated. It gives me a chance to share my joy, my dreams, my hope and my wins. My faith is the warm loving family I have always craved and missed, it makes me feel like anything is possible, that I am not restricted by my circumstances or view of myself.

I hope your faith takes as good a care of you as mine does me ❤


One thought on “Dear Angels

  1. makaedelee Post author

    FYI, the angels were listening, much success today. Am now able to put this chapter behind me and start a bright and exciting next one 🙂



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