What would the question be?

ImageAbout 6 weeks ago I was listening to a webinar with Noah St John.  He was talking about affirmations v afformations.  Our minds are wired to answer questions, look for proof of any statements we make, to bring us what we ask for.  I am a big believer in the power of the mind, in positive thinking, the energy behind words etc, so this webinar really had me hooked.  I have to tell you I like what I was hearing from Noah, it all just made perfect sense to me.  I won’t paraphrase him here, take some time and listen to what he has to say on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watchv=RjUIarUAioY&list=PL1r7WGVsdEr-3Z_KiIJqSFtchzMhsZ-FF&feature=share&index=5


Anyway, I decided to test his idea out.  I asked myself this question:  Why am I so fit and healthy?  At the time, I was smoking 30 cigarettes a day, drinking up to 8 cans of soft drink a day, inhaling chocolate and hadn’t picked up a piece of fruit to eat in close to 12 months.  So why am I so fit and healthy?  When my inner critic picked herself up off the floor and wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes, my mind started to answer the question.  Quietly at first, then with more confidence and conviction.  You see I have always yearned to be one of those fit and healthy types, high on my list of things that were important to me, but my actions didn’t always support that yearning.  Sure, there had been times when I was like that, and boy did I love it, but I had always got there for someone else.  I wanted to take the kids to the Gold Coast, so I quit smoking for a year.  Brought a packet of smokes on the way home from the airport, mission accomplished.  Planned a 5 day bicycle holiday with a friend, rode my bike to work every day for 9 months, rain, hail or shine.  Poor old thing is covered in cobwebs now ( bike that is, not the friend!).  And so on and so on …..


With no effort from me, I was suddenly eating predominately raw food, drinking one or two cans of soft drink a day, back on the super-foods I love, haven’t had a cigarette in 5 and half weeks and am back up to running almost 3 km’s 3 times a week.  Add to that, am drinking a heap of water, riding my bike instead of taking the car (dusted off the cobwebs, oiled the chain, good to go), doing yoga, have replaced all my skin care stuff with natural products and am meditating almost daily.  I feel great.  And believe me, it took no effort from me.  I asked the question, my mind went looking for the answers, I believed my mind, and the actions just happened.


Despite this being one hell of a rough time for me at the moment.  No income, waiting to go to tribunal, ‘friend’ stole my half of our business, kids have been home on holidays, partner been home on holidays, much pain in the old body with the change of season, anxiety attacks almost daily, new medication.  Farout, I need a drink!!  It still worked.


This week, everyone is back where they are meant to be, and it is just me and the dog home again.  So my ‘job’ this week is to sit down and really think about the questions I want to be asking myself.  Why is my relationship so amazing?  Why am I so wealthy?  Why am I such a great ….? You know the ones.  Then listening to the answers, allowing the answers to come to my mind and be heard by me.  Exciting when you think about it. What question would be the one you most want to ask yourself?














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